Since I was young I have suffered from high anxiety. As a way of combating the onset of a panic attack, as a child I would stabilize my breathing and distract my mind with small, manageable tasks such as folding origami. Currently, the periods of time I have the most frequent and intense panic attacks is consistent with when I am working on any sort of creative expression. How does one confront the very thing that is at once cathartic, debilitating, and invisible?

This is a work about acceptance and rejection of one’s own tendencies. This is a work about time. Endless time. Wasted time. Little time. It’s a work about communication. How one tries to communicate with the most passionate and volatile part of themselves…that cannot talk back. Continuously repeating patterns in perpetual, rhythmic movement.

Using my experience as a platform, through the use of origami roses, kinetic sculpture (not pictured), video, and performance I aim to build a multi-medium installation meant to encourage a larger conversation about systems of control, coping mechanisms, patterned behavior, and the disconnect between logical thought and psychological response. 

The Assistant / The Bully

Perpetual Motion

To Maintain Control