Trust represents an extension of my personal and private history, specifically the reflections on my intimate partnership with all its complex physical and psychological nuances. Mining my life for subject matter, I am attempting to find a path to understanding my own intimate experiences both through self-analysis and the creation of visual content. In collaboration with my partner, Gustavo, using video to simulate a real-time experience for the viewer, my current work explores the possibilities of communicating intimacy through performance.

"...I believe this work is one of the most impactful representations of the ups and downs that go into maintaining a loving relationship with another human being. The constant pulling and pushing, the whipping and the dancing, the caring and the carrying. Being one and two at the same time. The work is powerful yet personal. Emotional yet focused. It is beautiful and direct. This work transcends words, ages, and experiences."   - Gustavo Schwenkler

Commitment 01, Partners, Commitment 02

His Space, Support, Her Space

Reaching Him, Communication, Reaching Her